“My paintings are personal; very much my own thoughts and emotions,
landscapes of a soul and an emotional journey through my life."

Alisa Teletovic born in Bosnia Herzegovina in 1974. Fleeing the war, she moved to Australia where she completed Bachelor of Arts and Advanced Diploma in Electronic Design and Interactive Media at RMIT, Melbourne. She lived in Sydney, Melbourne, Roxby Downs, Perth, and in 2011 re-settled in Sarajevo where she lives today. These places and experiences enriched her artistic style. Alisa Teletovic is an expressionist artist at heart.

Never truly acquiring a sense of home, or having roots, I’ve spent most of my life moving around trying to find place to belong to, to fit in. For as long as I can remember, “I’ve been different, painting drawing and having my own style, always showing my inner worlds. There’s an entire universe within each and every one of us, and it is there, where we’re able to connect.”

My artwork is a expression of my inner world. A creative world of emotion, dreams, and memory. “Dreamlike”, “Beautiful”, and “Magical” are words that have been used to describe my work. Through my artwork, I wish to bring the viewer on an inner adventure and to share the sense of wonder and get them experience feelings they have locked inside. I hope to create artwork that not only tells a story of my own, but uncovers its own special meaning for the viewer. The idea is to smile, love, have art that makes you happy. Free. When you look at the artwork to feel connected within your own world.
I’m humbled and excited to be sharing my work within private and public spaces throughout the world — Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, and Australia, to name a few.